Our facility utilizes the highest quality instruments, anesthesia, and anesthesia monitoring equipment to ensure we provide the best care for your pet. Our doctors are masked, capped, gowned, and gloved for every procedure to maintain a sterile environment at all times.

Anesthesia is a key component to successful surgery. We tailor specific anesthetic protocols for each patient. A pre-operative exam and pre-anesthetic lab work help your pet’s doctor to develop an optimal anesthetic protocol for your pet.

We perform human standard of care when monitoring you pet under anesthesia. We use SurgiVet equipment to monitor each patient’s heart rate, EKG, blood pressure, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and other important parameters. This close monitoring allows us to keep your pet safe during the anesthetic procedure.

We use the Pulse-Ox monitor to track heart rate, and percentage of oxygen saturation. Each of these parameters help your pet’s doctor to adjust the anesthesia specifically for your pet so that they can avoid problems that can happen from an inappropriate anesthetic depth.

We place an IV catheter for medication delivery and IV fluid therapy during the procedure. Pain management medications are standard with all of our surgical procedures to ensure your pet’s comfort and quick recovery.